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The Ritual Range has been created for sacred, ritual & ceremonial

moments & spaces in your life. It celebrates the special place of ceremony in our lives. Whether taking time to meditate alone or practice self-care in whatever form that means to you, making sacred prayer or ceremony by yourself or with others, or holding a workshop which touches profoundly all those present - this range is created to support you. Smell has a special gift in setting these sacred places, linking the receiver to their emotional and physical self and linking that particular scent to their memory. This range sets the spiritual aspect of aromatherapy

at the heart of all its alchemical blends.


Each blend focuses on the spiritual aspect of aromatherapy, combining a

gorgeous blend of essential oils, charged crystals, a flower remedy &

pure spring water collected from it's source by hand.


Each spray also comes with its own invocation blessing,

to imbue the receiver with its higher intention.


The first 2 Sprays of the range have now been birthed &

over the next year 4 more will join them in the range.




"I was lucky enough to have this amazing spray "Temple” by Daisymay Sprays on my altar since last moon… and it's become part of my daily nourishing & balancing ritual. Absolutely divine !"

- Basia

"I’d never experienced Aromatherapy before, but when I used the Temple Spray it was like I’d been on an Enlightenment Intensive. I kid you not!!!  I came way so clear, both in body & mind. It was incredible."

- Jamie

"I've been using the Light Blessing Spray for about 2 years now. It's my absolute favourite spray. I always feel so much better after I use it. It's been with me through some difficult times. It's become a true friend... there sure is magic in these bottles!"
- Layla

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