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Light Blessing Ritual Spray 50ml

Light Blessing Ritual Spray 50ml


Petitgrain - Orange - Rose essential oils in pure spring water, with Star of Bethlehem flower essence, to bring comforting reassurance & light blessings. With charged Quartz crystals to awaken the crown chakra.


- Light Blessings -

- Regeneration -

- Gentle strength -

- Inner Vision -


Each Spray comes with its own invocation blessing to orientate your intention when using.


A little more about the spiritual aspect of each oil...


The energy of sunlight & radiance of the stars. Gentleness & determination. Joy & magnificence of the light of heavens. Vitality & regeneration. Enables the full spectrum of light.

Harvested in Brazil this essential oil is obtained from expressed peel of the nearly ripe fruit.



Gentle strength, enables us to see ahead, a gentle outstretched hand to guide us through days when tears seem ever present.Gentle awakening of our consciousness & connects with the higher self & spiritual growth.

Harvested in Spain from the leaves of Neroli flowers.



Heart chakra - Joy - soothing - light hearted. Comforting & supportive for the inner heart.

Harvested in Bulgaria in the Valley of the Roses.


Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence

A beautiful white six petalled, six fold star like the Star of David. ... symbolising the interpenetration of matter & Divinity. Aligning you with your divine destiny - your songline. The comforter & soother of pains & sorrows, allowing one to breathe again & release tension.


Quartz Crystal

Charged under the full moon with Rose petals with positive prayers. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality & wisdom. Because it clarifies thought processes & emotions, it can increase inspiration & creativity. It can also help with concentration, studying & retaining what one learns.


"I've been using the Light Blessing Spray for about 2 years now. It's my absolute favourite spray. I always feel so much better after I use it. It's been with me through some difficult times. It's become a true friend... there sure is magic in these bottles!"
- Layla


These labels are ecological, made from woodpulp & compostable.

Also available in 100ml


Please note: Very occasionly the lid of this spray gets affected by the Citrus oils after some time. It's nothing to be concerned about & a natural reaction of the citrus to plastic lid.


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