Gorgeous sprays to cleanse and recharge your space & aura to keep you healthy and happy

Sending Gift Boxes direct to friends & family brings so much joy & delight. You can even add your own special personal message once you choose your box. I add a beautiful card with your message handwritten inside for free, on your behalf. You can add any additional non-spray items to the box if you wish. Just choose your Gift Box first and then shop for additional items on the *Aura Sprays & Gifts* page. I will add your additions to the box my end. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, special day, illness or celebration, the nourishment of receiving a DaisyMay Sprays is a beautiful gesture.

DaisyMay Sprays

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"Daisy clearly has potent intuition and an affinity within the realms of the oils. She is a mistress of the senses and knows precisely the mystery they invoke."
- Rebecca

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