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The perfect Gift Box to bring energy & positive vibes into a friends life. Everything in this gift supports resilience, bright energy, as well as soothing & calming for the nervous system . The box is a combination of The Neroli Mist + The Uplift Spray - both in 100ml size.  It will be sent direct to your chosen loved one by 1st class post [or can be sent to you if preferred].


This Gift Box comes beautifully wrapped in 100% ecological friendly wrapping plus Rose petals so the receivers smell is ignited as soon as the box is opened.  


You have the option to add your own personal message below which will be handwritten into a beautiful card and popped into the box. This is a free service to DaisyMay Sprays customers.


This Gift Box contains:


The Neroli Mist/ 100ml:  

An organic, pure, flower water hydrosol to nourish & balance. Traditionally used as a toner for all skin types... It's calming, soothing properties promote happiness & lower anxiety. Made from the delicate *Organic* Orange Blossom flower.


This flower water is particularly beneficial for the Crown Chakra.A supportive, focusing and grounding blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Juniper, Rose and Lime essential oils in pure spring water.



The Uplift Spray/ 100ml:

The Uplift Spray - A revitalising, uplifting, rebalancing blend of Lavender, Geranium and Orange essential oils to soothe the exhausted and provide long lasting resilance through the day. Mixed with spring water and Mustard flower essence... All bringing bright optimism to you.

* Ideal for people with busy lives & new or overworked mums!*


The essential oils in this blend are particularly beneficial for the Heart Chakra. 


All the Sprays are handmade with:

love - zero synthetics - vegan - cruelty free - blue glass bottles


Can all be used for: 

- Aura/ Body Spray

- Natural perfume

- Ceremonial healing spray

- Meditation / Spiritual Practices

- Room Spray


This Spray is made with Sussex spring water collected in the wild Ashdown Forest in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


Also available in 50 ml option on Gift Box page.



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