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We are really please to say that we have now moved to all our packaging to 100% recycled + recyclable for all our postal orders and also nationwide stockists... all made from FSC-certified 100% recycled paper.We've done this by replacing plastic bubble wrap with shredded paper, making sure all our tissue paper is recycled and acid free. For bigger orders out to our stockists nationwide we have replaced formerly used bubble wrap with eco-wrap honeycomb paper to ensure they are protected and also preventing plastic biodegrading into a million pieces!

Further more - 80% of our spray bottles are recyclable... the glass bottle and plastic lid. We encourage you to re-purpose your bottles spray top once your DaisyMay Spray is all used up. 

Tree Planting:
Nature is a constant inspiration for our aromatherapy creations, so we’re determined to develop practices that preserve and promote the environment. This year we are launching our Woodland Spray Range, with 1 tree planted for every spray sold. This was inspired by a trial weekend offer we put out in January, where 37 tree's were planted from sales over the weekend. This showed us what is possible! We are collaborating with Tree Sisters, to enable the tree planting. We were impressed by their holistic project portfolio. This means that when you buy a Woodland Spray, you contribute to a carefully and well-vetted project portfolio that supports planting across 10 locations. Each project contributes equal value to make up the whole, with a particular focus on women's empowerment and working with local and indigenous communities and supporting their needs. 

It feels good to be the part of the change we wish to see in the world.

Buy Online...
Most of our customers find it easiest to buy here at our online shop and get their sprays sent direct to their home.

Send a Gift...

We are very happy to send gifts direct to your friends or family on your behalf for no extra charge or you can buy a Gift Voucher so they can choose themselves.

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