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More about the Sprays & Daisymay...

I take great pride that all our ingredients are pure and natural. I hand blend

every single bottle individually to perfectly protect the essences in every

spray I make. I have personally chosen and created all the sprays in my

apothecary to create the DaisyMay Sprays collection, from 14 years

experience as a hands-on Aromatherapist. The process of creating blends

and making each bottle is slow and meditative, using the ancient wisdom of

aromatherapy, healing and the alchemy of intuition. I love creating the

sprays in a positive conscious environment and always source the spring

water base straight from its wild source. I understand that when a product

leaves our workshop, it becomes part of your life and that's a priviledge we

never take lightly!

Again and again we hear how beneficial the sprays have

been in customers daily lives and used in all sorts of settings...

from the workplace to bedrooms, from weddings to funerals, new

mums to grandmas'....

Whatever the setting or situation we get great feedback!


                     You can read some of our Testimonials here.


My aim is to create beautiful sprays that deeply nourish the mind, body

and spirit and are a catalyst for transformation of your aura and

space. I also aim for the beautiful sprays to capture the vitality and spirit of

the pure ingredients and their natural environment, without any synthetic

additions, therefore reconnecting the users with appreciation for the

beauty of life all around us. I hope that all our products have a subtle,

nurturing influence on you and that everything that we make is a gentle

catalyst for reconnection.


All our botanical ingredients and scents are extremely high quality and perfectly pure. Nothing is hidden in our products and we never hide anything about our products from you. Our products are infused with delicate, evocative scents of essential oils to work in harmony with your mood, whether it be relaxing and soothing, uplifting and energising, nourishing and sensual, refreshing and soothing to your senses, or balancing and focusing. To our Signature Range we always add a touch of Bach Flower Essence to support you emotionally, which symbiotically blends with the essential oils. We also pride ourselves on using pure spring water straight from its source, as we believe the vitality and vibration of the water is essential to the pure alchemical process within each bottle & influenced by the amazing work of Dr Emoto Matsui. Find out more about our Spring sources here.


More about Daisymay...

I'm Daisy, a trained Aromatherapist, and I absolutely love creating the

perfectly balanced sprays, refining my wisdom through years of exploration

and feedback, to create the present range of nourishing and natural sprays.

I think Aromatherapy is really cool and I love that the sprays I create get the

benefits and beauty of the amazing aromatherapy, flower remedies + spring

water out into the world touching peoples lives positively... Yeh!


My story begins at my kitchen as small businesses often do! The sprays grew

out of years of hands-on experience working as a trained Aromatherapy

Masseuse [massaging a wide variety of clients from office

workers to festival goers] and as a Yoga teacher, Life Coach and Reiki

practitioner. By 2007 I was making bespoke Spray blends for clients on

request to enhance their treatments. The sprays started building a growing

fanbase with my clients and their friends through word of mouth, getting

amazing positive feedback about how it transformed customers mood and space... 

So Daisymay Sprays was born at my kitchen table and has steadily grown ever since through word of mouth.


Eventually I had to move out of the kitchen and convert the garage to keep all the stock! I was steadily building up my range, the garage became too small and I was lucky enough to find a workshop in the fabulous funky Art & Permaculture collective 'Pop Up Studios' in Lewes, Sussex. Then for 2 years I followed the call to live on the beautiful north coast of Devon with its wild ocean and wide open sky, sourcing my spring water from the amazing Hartland Point area. I am still connected with this spring on my quarterly visits to the west country. I have now returned to live in Lewes again, nestled in the expansive protected South Downs National Park . I still hand-make all my range, source the water base from a local natural spring, as well as personally design and create my packaging.


Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions you would like to ask please contact me via the contacts page. I'd love to hear from you.

Love DaisyMay x

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