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Temple Ritual Spray 100ml

Temple Ritual Spray 100ml


Tuberose - Cardamon - Sandalwood in pure spring water, with Elm essence, to interweave the spiritual & physical in sacred space. With Carnelian charged crystals to connect with the base chakra.


- Intention -

- Angelic Love -

- Sensuous -

- Life purpose -


Each Spray comes with its own invocation blessing.


A little more about the spiritual aspect of the ingrediants...


Called the 'Queen of the Night' in ancient Mayan cultures for its aphrodisiac qualities & ability to bllom its beautiful white flower at night time. Brings angelic beings of clear messages of light. Assists in understanding our life purpose. Abundant love.

Harvested in India, extracted from the beautiful ivory night-blooming flowers of the Polianthes tuberosa.



Interweaves spirit & physical worlds. Clears the mind. Supports giving & letting go. Warming & comforting. Solar Plexus.

Harvested in Guatemala, steam distilled from the seeds of the cardamom herb.



Supports the experience of inner unity of mind - body -spirit. Brings awareness of our inner soul life & higher consciousness.

Harvested sustainably in the West Indies from the wood and roots of Santalum album, or the East Indian sandalwood tree.


Elm Flower Essence

Brings confidence & self-assurance. Supports us to travel our journey in life with joy in our hearts & to be a blessing to those around, so that we leave the world better for our visit.


Carnelian Crystal

Charged under the full moon with positive intent. Inspires joy, confidence & self-empowerment. A stone that stokes your inner fire, igniting your energy from within.


Also available in 50ml

These labels are ecological, made from woodpulp & compostable.


"I was lucky enough to have this amazing spray ”Temple” by Daisymay Sprays on my altar since last moon…and it became part of my daily nourishing and balancing ritual. Absolutely divine !"

- Basia


"I’d never experienced Aromatherapy before, but when I used her Temple Spray , it was like I’d been on an Enlightenment Intensive. I kid you not!!! I came way so clear, both body and mind.

It was incredible."

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