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THE RITUAL GIFT BOX - 50ml option

THE RITUAL GIFT BOX - 50ml option


The new Ritual Range celebrates the special place of sacred ritual and ceremony in our lives. Whether taking time to meditate alone or practice self-care in whatever form that means to you, making sacred prayer or ceremony by yourself or with others, or holding a workshop which touches profoundly all those present - this range is created to support you. Smell has a special gift in setting these sacred places, linking the receiver to their emotional and physical self and linking that particular scent to their memory. This range sets the spiritual aspect of aromatherapy at the heart of all its alchemical blends.


The TEMPLE + LIGHT BLESSING Sprays are a blend of essential oils, flowers remedies, spring water collected from source and charged crystals to awaken chakras and the sense of sound. 



Petitgrain - Orange - Rose essential oils in pure spring water, with Star of Bethlehem flower essence, to bring comforting reassurance & light blessings. With charged Quartz crystals to awaken the crown chakra.


- Light Blessings -

- Regeneration -

- Gentle strength -

- Inner Vision -



Tuberose - Cardamon - Sandalwood in pure spring water, with Elm essence, to interweave the spiritual & physical in sacred space. With Carnelian charged crystals to connect with the base chakra.


- Intention -

- Angelic Love -

- Sensuous -

- Life purpose -


Each Spray comes with its own invocation blessing.


Deeply Nourish Shea Butter 60ml:

Created to deeply moisturise and soften dry, tired skin this is a blend of organic Shea Butter from West Africa - Lavender essential oil - Frankincense essential oil - thats all! This one goes a long way and perfect for feet and hands who've had a long day. 


This Gift Box is alaso available with 100ml sprays.

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