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This deeply nourishing balm is as pure as it comes. Organic Shea Butter from Ghana + Lavender essential oils + Frankincense essential oils. Thats all folks! Created to deeply nourish, soften & moisturise dry or tough skin - especially of the hands and feet.  This is perfect for Gardeners, Makers, Musicians etc hands to deeply replenish and restore tough, hard, or dry skin.


Organic Shea Butter works like an emollient. It boasts a nutrient-rich composition packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and a range of other beneficial compounds. It is great for dry skin and can create softer, hydrated, plumper skin, especially during the dry winter months. Shea butter is found in many lip balms to help with chapped lips as well as moisturizers that help prevent stretch marks. Shea butter also contains substances that can reduce skin swelling. This might help treat conditions associated with skin swelling such as eczema. 


Whats special about this gorgeous smelling blend is the way it takes time to melt into you - encouraging you to really sink into the mindfulness of deep self nourishment. It also lasts absolutely ages with very little going a very long way!!!


Lavender essential oil is arguably the best essential oil when it comes to healing skin conditions. With its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying benefits, lavender essential oil can help reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin. Lavender oil does a stellar job at balancing your skin’s moisture barrier, so that it isn’t too oily or too dry.


Frankincense essential oil is fantastic for restoring skin. It's a natural astringent which helps to repair & regenerate skin cells and reduce the appearance of scars. It is a perfect oil to heal rough, dry, and chapped skin. It also works as a nourishing dry skin treatment, especially for mature skin.


We are really happy to say all our ingrediants are ethically sourced with fair trade at its heart. 



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