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Neroli Mist - 50ml

Neroli Mist - 50ml


An organic,pure, flower water hydrosol to nourish & balance. Traditionally used as a toner for all skin types... Its calming, soothing properties promote happiness & lower anxiety. Made from the delicate *Organic* Orange Blossom flower.


This flower water is particularly beneficial for the Crown Chakra. All the Sprays are handmade with love - zero synthetics - vegan - cruelty free.


Can all be used for:

- Aura/ Body Spray

- Facial Mist

- Natural perfume

- Ceremonial healing spray

- Meditation / Spiritual Practices

- Room Spray


"I literally feel my shoulders drop when I spray the Neroli. It's really supported me at difficult times."


Available in 100ml also - listed on the main 'Aura Sprays' page.

  • Details

    100% Neroli hydrosol [pure flower water], lots of love.

    To Use:
    Spray at arms length onto your face, space or aura or a couple of times each use. Breathe deeply & enjoy!

    Not Suitable for: Children & pregnancy...Sorry! Best to keep out of direct sunlight.
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