Herbal Sleep Pillow

Herbal Sleep Pillow



 I've finally found the space to create my longed for Herbal Sleep Pillows with beautiful dried Lavender, Chamomile & Rose flowers, in organic cotton bags. I've created these to take to bed & tuck next to your pillow for a restful & relaxed sleep. The aromatics release everytime you squeeze the bag gently, encouraging deep sleep, calming the nervous system & busy mind as well as soothing the Heart Chakra.


All the herbs are either hand harvested by me or ethically sourced as  a priority. These beautiful pillows are perfect additions to any gift package & especially supportive for anyone having trouble sleeping.


The bags measure 11cm x 7cm and come with a hanwritten tag describing their benefits.



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"Daisy clearly has potent intuition and an affinity within the realms of the oils. She is a mistress of the senses and knows precisely the mystery they invoke."

- Rebecca

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