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​​​Transforming your space through pure
     plant essence...



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Welcome to Daisymays Sprays!
I pride myself in creating beautiful sprays that aim to deeply nourish the mind, body and spirit and be a catalyst for transformation. Daisymays Sprays are high quality Aromatherapy Sprays to use in your space, aura or room to enhance & effect your mood... wonderful gifts for friends & family! Each spray is individually handmade by myself influenced by 17 years working as an Aromatherapist & wellbeing teacher. I blend high quality Essential Oils symbiotically with a Flower Remedy, to add an emotionally supportive element, in a base of pure spring water collected straight from its spring source out in the wilds.  Plus all our products are made with bundles of love and care.


I aim to capture the vitality and spirit of the pure ingredients and their natural environment, without any synthetic additions, and therefore reconnecting the users with appreciation for the beauty of life all around us.  I celebrate that all our main suppliers pride themselves on my aligned values & ethics of Ethical sourcing, Fair-trade & Environmentally friendly - which means the ripple effect reaches far & wide. All our raw materials are ethically sourced from cruelty free UK suppliers. Our skincare is 100% free from nasties like parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. All of our products are handmade by Daisy. We don’t outsource to white label companies to design or make our products, this means we know exactly what is in them and you know you can trust them.


I aim for our business to be as environmentally & ethically friendly as possible & taken every step to ensure we have reduced plastics in our range . Having spent many hours doing the research I'm very pleased to say 100% of our packaging is now recyclable & some uses recycled material already - like our glass bottles & packaging -*Yippee*! It feels really good to be part of a growing movement in business where values & ethics are integral.


I hope that all our products have a supportive, nurturing influence on you and that everything I make

is a gentle catalyst for your reconnection...


With love,  Daisymay  x


The Relaxation Spray

Time to relax & unwind....


100ml/ 50ml

The Goddess Spray

For celebrating yourself  and sensuality...


100ml/ 50ml

The Balance Spray

To create balance between the logic and the intuition...



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DaisyMay Sprays

Nourishing your mind, body & spirit 

         through gorgeous smelling aromatherapy             

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