The Balance Spray - 50ml

The Balance Spray - 50ml


The Balance Spray

A supportive, focusing & grounding blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Juniper, Rose & Lime essential oils in pure spring water. With Cerato flower essence for trust in our souls wisdom.

Use this essence to regularly cleanse, protect and renew your home, aura and surroundings. This spray is also beneficial for practitioners to clear space before and after sessions.

The essential oils in this blend are particularly tuned in with the Solar Plexus chakra centre.  All the Sprays are handmade with love - zero synthetics - vegan - cruelty free.

This Spray is made with Sussex spring water collected in the the wild Ashdown Forest. Also available with Devon spring water collected near wild Hartland Point... Please request in your order if you particularly want Devon water - thank you.

Available in 100ml & 50 ml options. 100ml option is on main 'Aura Spray' page.

  • Details

    Pure Devon spring water,Frankincense, Bergamot, Juniper, Rose, Lime essential oils, Cerato flower essence, Pure alcohol [5%] to preserve, lots of love.

    To Use:
    Shake well and spray into your space, aura or room a couple of times each use. Breathe deeply & enjoy! For maximum deliciousness spray from arms length...

    Not Suitable for: Children & pregnancy...Sorry! Best to keep out of direct sunlight.

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"Daisy clearly has potent intuition and an affinity within the realms of the oils. She is a mistress of the senses and knows precisely the mystery they invoke."

- Rebecca

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